News: The exhibition Resistances. On Dealing with Racism in Bern at Bernisches Historisches Museum is currently on show until June 1st, 2025.

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Angela Wittwer (*1987, she/her) works in art, publishing and graphic design. For cultural and educational institutions and practitioners she crafts concepts and texts, edits publications, coordinates interdisciplinary projects, and designs printed matter as well as digital content.

In her research-based and often site-specific artistic practice she collaborates with other artists and researchers and works in varying media, such as sound, drawing and installation. Currently, she reflects on postcolonial entanglements and fluid subjectivities and co-creates semi-fictional persona merging historical facts with fabulation.

Her collaborative works have been part of group exhibitions at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein n.b.k., Helmhaus Zürich, Kunsthalle Zürich and Theater Basel, as well as at the Contemporary Art Festival Colomboscope. Since 2011 she has been involved as a co-editor and editor in publications for Maria Eichhorn, Shedhalle Zurich, the Federal Office of Culture, Bernisches Historisches Museum and the Zurich University of the Arts. She is based between Jakarta and Zurich.

In a transdisciplinary team together with activist and historian Izabel Barros, spoken word poet Fatima Moumouni, artist and art educator Esther Poppe, curator Vera Ryser, and historian Bernhard C. Schär she recently worked toward the removal of a mural with racist elements in a primary school in Berne, Switzerland and its re-contextualization in an exhibition at the Bernisches Historisches Museum. The exhibition Resistances. On Dealing with Racism in Bern is currently on show at Bernisches Historisches Museum.
Das Wandbild muss weg!
Artistic project, 2021–today
With Izabel Barros, Fatima Moumouni, Esther Poppe, Vera Ryser, Bernhard C. Schär
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Resistances. On Dealing with Racism in Bern
Exhibition curated by the association Das Wandbild muss weg!
Bernisches Historisches Museum, 2024–2025
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Image: Vera Ryser

Together with artist Stefanie Knobel she follows colonial strands of cotton in Switzerland, India, Iran and Indonesia. The work interweaves the tale of the cotton producing Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, interviews with farmers and cotton activist from Nagpur, India, and disused textile factories at Zurich Oberland or the first industrial spinning frame “Spinning Jenny,” among others. A future timeline resonates past with the present and opens a remembering actualisation of the colonial entanglements of Switzerland in the frame of an expanded textile history. Following an exhibition at Les Complices* in Zurich in 2016, the collaboration is currently resumed for A heavy, heavy duty – where the cotton lies, an exhibition in 2023 and a publication in 2024.
A heavy, heavy duty
Sound installation, Audio-Loop 49 minutes, booklet, various material, 2016/2023–today
In collaboration with Stefanie Knobel
Exhibited at Les Complices*, Zurich, 2016 and Schönau Areal, Wetzikon, 2023
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Image: Angela Wittwer

With researcher Rahmat Arham, and visual researcher and curator Arham Rahman she researched on anti-colonial intellectual Colliq Pujié (1812–1876) as well as social and environmental changes in today's South Sulawesi, Indonesia. In Dan Dia Bilang Gitu, the semifictional time traveling Colliq Pujié confronts dynamics of cooperation with and resistance against the Dutch colonial project and the impact of two Swiss naturalists, Fritz and Paul Sarasin with their scientific expeditions in Celebes around 1900. The collaboration laying out the sea to the thought reflects on the intertwinements of Colliq Pujié's intellectual work with aspects of Buginese royal society.
Dan Dia Bilang Gitu
Audioplay with video, 34 minutes (loop), 2020
In collaboration with Rahmat Arham
Exhibited at Theater Basel in the framework of the exhibition Voices of an Archived Silence, Basel, 2020
Published as a short version in SCROLL Thru in the framework of the Digital Program of Colomboscope, Colombo, 2021

laying out the sea to the thought
In collaboration with Arham Rahman
Published in SCROLL Projects on Paper (part 3) in the framework of Colomboscope, Colombo, 2021

Image: Angela Wittwer

Za'atari. Access Granted
with Eliza I.W.K.B. Soleim (Oslo)
ISBN: 978-82-93369-16-5
Contributions for publications
laying out the sea to the thought
For SCROLL: Projects on Paper (part 3)
With Arham Rahman (Yogyakarta)
Published by Archive Books (Berlin) and in the framework of Colomboscope (Colombo)
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Dan Dia Bilang Gitu
With Rahmat Arham (Makassar)
Published in the framework of the Digital Program of Colomboscope (Colombo)
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For Dissonance (Issue 142)
With Ricardo Eizirik (Berlin)
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Wir ist ein Pronomen
For Zine – to March, Clandestine Life of the BoycottGiiirls!
Corner College Press, Zurich
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Eine langsame, kreisende Annäherung
For Das Dreieck der Liebe. Körperlichkeit und Abstraktion in der Zürcher Kunst / The Triangle of Love. Physicality and Abstraction in Zurich Art
Helmhaus Zurich (ed.)
ISBN: 978-3-85881-506-4

Eine zeichnerische Recherche zu Sexarbeit in Zürich
For Kamion (Issue 1): Aus den Kreisläufen des Rassismus
Editorial and co-editorial work
Julia Wolf: Re-Visioning Histories in der Gegenwartskunst. Die Arbeiten von Hiwa K und Petrit Halilaj
ISBN: 978-3-8376-6808-7
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Use it! Work it! Play it!
Nadja Baldini (ed.)
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Zurich University of the Arts (ed.)
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Magazin 31, 20: JH
Institute for Theory, Zurich University of the Arts (ed.)

Eindeutigkeiten sprengen / Subverting Disambiguities
Anke Hoffmann and Yvonne Volkart for Shedhalle Zürich (ed.)
Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg
ISBN: 978-3-86984-355-1
More information here

Die Zeitkapsel im Wasserfall der Steinach / The Time Capsule in the Waterfall on the Steinach River
Maria Eichhorn, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne
ISBN: 978-3-86335-148-9

Connect. Kunst zwischen Medien und Wirklichkeit / Connect. Art between Media and Reality
Shedhalle Zurich / Swiss Federal Office of Culture (ed.)
Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg
ISBN: 978-3-86984-246-2
Since 2023
Studio for Memory Politics
With Sandev Handy, Vera Ryser, Sally Schonfeldt, Aziz Sohail (Colombo / Zurich / Karachi)

Das Wandbild muss weg!
With Izabel Barros, Fatima Moumouni, Esther Poppe, Vera Ryser, Bernhard C. Schär, (Berne / Zurich / Frankfurt am Main)
City of Berne
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Read! make it happen
Exhibition and performances
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta / Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst DAAD Indonesien

Playground Z+
Interdisciplinary events in the public sphere
Zurich University of the Arts

Gender ver/handeln Z+
Interdisciplinary platform and network
Zurich University of the Arts

Showroom International Z+
Interdisciplinary symposium and exhibition
Zurich University of the Arts
Exhibitions (as participating artist / collective)
A heavy, heavy duty – where the cotton lies
With Stefanie Knobel (Zurich)
Schönau, Wetzikon
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Voices from an Archived Silence
With Rahmat Arham (Makassar)
Theater Basel
Read the publication and the work description, and listen to the listening version

What's Cooking – A re-arrangement
With Stefanie Knobel (Zurich)
Haus zur Glocke, Steckborn

A heavy, heavy duty
With Stefanie Knobel (Zurich)
Les Complices*, Zurich
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They Printed It! Invitation cards, press releases, inserts and other forms of artistic (self-)marketing
Kunsthalle Zurich

The Triangle of Love. Physicality and Abstraction in Zurich Art
With Martina Baldinger, Alessia Conidi (Olten / Basel)
Helmhaus Zurich
Listen to the audio part

The THERE-THERE School of English DADA presents: DADA PUNKT
With Nina Bandi, Sofia Bempeza, Stefanie Knobel, Vera Ryser, Emre Sarigöl, Sophie Vögele (Zurich / Bern)
Studio One Gallery, London

A drawing research on sex work in Zurich
With Martina Baldinger, Alessia Conidi, La Sposa (Olten / Basel / Zurich)
Les Complices*, Zurich
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One plus One. Artists' Books
With p.r.o.x.y (Zurich / Paris)
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein n.b.k.

Kunstmuseum Thun
Performances and interventions
With Stefanie Knobel (Zurich)
Les Complices*, Zurich

track to matter to noise
With Nina Bandi, Sofia Bempeza, Stefanie Knobel, Vera Ryser, Emre Sarigöl, Sophie Vögele (Zurich / Berne)
Shedhalle Zurich

Zoom 14
Förderverein Kunstmuseum Thun
Lectures and workshops
Kerja-kerja Riset Seniman (Artistic Research)
For Siku Ruang Terpadu, Makassar

Becoming A Vampiric Time Traveler
For Kaleido Retreat

Lecture for Work, Migration, Memes, Personal Geopolitics
On Curating, Zurich University of the Arts

Part of Manifesta 11 Parallel Events, Zurich

For seminar Gender ver/handeln 1: Stimme
With Andrea Gleiniger, Isabel Mundry, Katharina Tietze, Yvonne Wilhelm
Zurich University of the Arts

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